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How to cover age spots – Makeup artists tips by Kerry-Lou

A woman with a brush and a palette of eyeshadow.

Not only older people get age spots – they are a nuisance for people of all ages. Here I will show you a quick way to cover them using Kryolan Dermacolor Camouflage Makeup Palette -This makeup artist favorite is also great for covering up Rosacea, tattoos, vitiligo, and dark under-eye circles. Kryolan Dermacolor Camouflage Makeup …

Simple Makeup Technique For Mature Hooded Eyes

A close up of a mature woman's face with hooded eyes.

In this quick tutorial, I will show you some makeup techniques for mature hooded eyes. You’ll learn how to correct eyes that have become hooded with age. Some people are born with hooded eyes and that’s a very pretty shape that should be embraced in my opinion. What are Mature Hooded Eyes? Mature hooded eyes …

Drugstore Makeup for Older Women

A woman with grey hair.

A full face makeover for #olderwomen​ using ​. In this simple, natural looking makeup tutorial, I demonstrate some classic makeup techniques garnered from my forty year career as a makeup artist. Being over 60 years old myself, I understand some of the challenges of finding makeup that works for mature skin types. I went makeup …

How to Apply your Makeup While Wearing your Glasses – by Kerry-Lou

A woman with glasses smiling.

Some of us are blind without our glasses, so watch this tutorial to learn how to apply your makeup WHILE wearing your glasses! Please add your comments and questions below, and check out my new line of Kerry-Lou makeup brushes here!…​ FTC: Not sponsored. Links are affiliate links. To my valued viewers – If …

How to Use Your Makeup Brushes by Kerry-Lou

A woman with blonde hair.

Interested in learning how to properly use your makeup brushes? Follow my 3-part tutorial series here:…​ as I demonstrate on Susannah how to use the Foundation & Concealer; Powder, Contour, & Blush; and Eye Shadow & Eyeliner brushes. Xo, Kerry-Lou

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes!

A woman holding makeup brushes.

Now that you’ve got your brand new Kerry-Lou brushes, here’s how to care for them properly 😉 See the makeup brush line at​. What you will need: -MAC cleaning oil or Baby Oil-Alcohol-Lukewarm water-Baby shampoo FTC: Not sponsored. Links are affiliate links. To my valued viewers – If you click on the link and …

Cover and Shape Grey Eyebrows Using Makeup Forever Aquabrow

A woman smiling with a brush on her eyebrow.

This eyebrow tutorial shows you how to temporarily cover your grey eyebrows using Makeup Forever Aqua Brow. Aqua Brow comes in different colors, I’m using light blonde. It’s waterproof and will last you all day. In this video I demonstrate a very natural look which is quick to do. Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow …

Flattering Makeup Colors for Grey Hair

A woman with grey hair and purple lipstick.

This is a makeup look using some of my favorite color palettes – shades of Plum, violet, and pink. I use these colors because I find they work very well with my silver/grey hair, but they also work well with other hair colors, especially brunettes. Xox

How To Shave Your Face – For Women!

How to shave your face.

This might be my silliest tutorial yet, but beauty models have been doing it for years! Watch and learn how to shave your face, and I’d love to hear your comments below… don’t be shy! DISCLAIMER- I’m not a skin expert. Although I’ve been shaving for years, I have NOT experienced any negative side effects …