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HOW TO TIE A SARONG – Kerry-Lou takes it to the beach!

how to tie a sarong

The sarong – elevated! It seems like such a simple thing to do – to tie a sarong, but here are a few quick tips to neatly size the sarong to your height, and tie your sarong in a way that flows very elegantly! Let’s stay in touch! Instagram and Facebook – @silverstylestudio Here are …

Life with Baby ~ Our First Grandchild!

Kerry-Lou and her first grand child

Allow me to introduce you to our new granddaughter – baby Cassia! Cassia is our first grand child, and we are beyond thrilled. We were pretty set with our lives; everything chugging along quite well – then this little angel arrives, and we now wonder how we ever lived without her! In this video there …

Staying Home with Kerry-Lou – Corona Virus Diaries ~ Episode 4

Kerry-Lou Spends time in her garden during quarantine

Let’s meet in my garden and discuss how we’re handling week six of #quarantine​. In this episode, we talk about blossoms, homemade bread, cookies, working out, and some real heroes! #captaintom​ For more information on the Captain Tom story, please visit –…​ My Jacket came in my latest Stitchfix box!…​ FTC – This …