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FAST AIR-DRIED HAIR IN WINTER – My heat lamp quest!


FAST AIR-DRIED HAIR IN WINTER – My heat lamp quest!

A woman holding a lamp.

When I first started to even THINK about growing out my hair, I considered all the pros and cons. One of the cons was drying time for longer, curly hair… the summer you can apply your styling products and just let it air-dry. Air-drying is great for ALL hair types, but especially curly and wavy hair. but what to do in the winter months?

Yes, you can use a hairdryer with a diffuser attachment, which I do sometimes, BUT how to get that well defined, frizz-free, air-dried look in a short amount of time in winter? Then I started to think about how my hairdresser would often dry my long curly hair when I was younger – they would put me under a processing lamp! The ones they used were quite futuristic looking. it was an orbiting lamp, that would slowly rotate around your head, and it would use #infrared​ light… so I started to explore my options!

In this video I used Odele haircare products to wash, condition and style my hair, which they gifted me. No-one is paying me to make this video, I only show products I have tried and believe in.
2 headed Heat Lamp –
Odele No Lather Shampoo –
Odele Curl Defining Conditioner –
Odele Leave-in conditioner –
Odele Air Dry Styler –
Metal Hair Clips –

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