Master Kit – Brushes with Greatness (20 pc. set)


“I have personally designed this Master Kit selection based upon the most beloved, tried-and-true brushes from my very own professional makeup kit.” – Kerry-Lou Henson

Kerry-Lou has put together this must-have collection of professional makeup brushes that are each expertly shaped by hand to create your best look.  Unlike other brushes, her brush tips are never cut and feel smooth and comfortable against your skin.  The Master Kit fits smartly into her easy care, cruelty-free vegan leather case and includes the following brushes:

101 – Powder Brush – ideal for sweeping on loose or compact powder

102 – Contour Brush – a beautifully sculpted brush ideal for applying contour

103 – Blush Brush – a brush that grabs just enough blush with minimum “fly-away” particles

104 – Stipple Brush – perfect for delicate applications like applying a veil of highlighter or creamy blush

105 – Fan Brush – designed for dusting on a delicate layer of powdered product

106 – Foundation Brush – a beautiful taper makes this brush perfect for smooth applications of crème products

107 – Medium Flat Eye Shadow Brush – this is the best brush for applying eyeshadow to your lids

108 – Large Flat Eye Shadow Brush – ideal for entire lid applications for powder, crème eyeshadow or primer

109 – Medium Concealer Brush – great for applying concealers as well as crème eyeshadow and lid primer

110 – Angled Eye Shadow Brush – designed to fit nicely in the eye contour, ideal for a “windshield wiper” technique

111 – Large Eyeshadow Fluff Brush – perfect for blending eyeshadows across a larger area – can be used for “erasing” mistakes

112 – Slim, Wide & Short Definer Brush – can be used as an eyeliner smudger and for creating a well-defined eye contour

113 – Small Flat Eye Shadow Brush – perfect for eyeshadow on the lid, between tear duct and iris, or to highlight under the brow

114 – Pencil Brush – use for eye contours, to smudge eyeliner or highlight under the eyebrow arch and around the tear duct

115 – Small Concealer Brush – ideal for getting into small areas with concealers or to camouflage age spots and break outs

116 – Brow Brush – a triple threat with a spoolie on one end and a brow brush and lash comb on the other

117 – Medium  Liner Brush – create the perfect “cat eye” with this eyeliner brush that’s firm but not spiky

118 – Angled Liner Brush – this brush holds steady while you line your eyes like a pro – also a great choice for defining eyebrows

119 – Small Eyeliner Brush – great for a delicate, soft eyeliner

120 – Travel Lip Brush – apply precision lip color with this compact, handbag-friendly wonder that extends to full size





The Master Kit contains all twenty of Kerry-Lou’s hand-crafted brushes in a vegan leather case for only $125.00