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EASY UP-DO FOR GROWING-OUT HAIR ~ Kerry-Lou shows you how

A woman with her hands on her head.

This quick and easy curly updo​ is a lifesaver for growing out hair! You can do this up-do even if your hair isn’t very long. It’s month eleven since I’ve had a haircut, so it’s a bit of a shapeless mess at the moment! Fortunately, I do have some tricks up my sleeve, and I’d …

Braided Hairband Hairstyle – 3 Quick and Easy looks

Easy braided hairband.

This tutorial was inspired by how I deal with my un-trimmed quarantine hair! As you will see, my hair is a little out-of-control lately; but hopefully this tutorial will help with you with your growing out hair also. This hairstyle looks like I’ve braided a hairband hairstyle, but it is in fact a hairband. I …