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How I Quickly Style My Curly Hair


How I Quickly Style My Curly Hair

Kerry-Lou with curly hair

Today I’m going to show you how I quickly style my curly hair using the Black Orchid Hair diffuser and Ouidad products.  The Black Orchid diffuser is HUGE as you can see, it has a nice big bowl, so it’s great for those with long thick hair.

My hair is porous and kind of on the thin side, but the reason I wanted to test the Black Orchid Diffuser, is that you can easily dry curly hair right at the roots, and even give them a lift with the long prongs as you dry.  This is because the prongs have vents at the ends that target the roots of your hair.

I used all Ouidad products today.  A couple of months ago I had a haircut Ouidad, the curly hair specialists!  I went to the Ouidad salon flagship store in Manhattan.  I LOVED my haircut, and loaded up on their wonderful hair products, and I have been very pleased with the results.

This technique I used to style my hair today creates curls that are random and wild, but still defined and frizz free.

Products I’ve Used

The Black Orchid Difusser

In this demonstration I’m using The Black Orchid Difusser attached to a very old, beat up Babyliss hairdryer –  This diffuser does NOT fit onto my Dyson Supersonic (My hairdryer of choice) unfortunately. But this Frankenstein looking set up worked quite well!

Ouidad Ultra-Nourishing Cleansing Oil Shampoo

Mimics hair’s natural oils to cleanse and rehydrate dry, damaged curls

Ouidad VitalCurl+ Balancing Rinse Conditioner

Helps moisturize and detangle curls without weighing them down

Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel

Use it to seal every strand, locking in moisture and locking out humidity

Ouidad Mongongo Oil

Mongongo Oil is brilliant for smoothing frizz and flyaways, while adding illuminating shine.

Continuous Mist Spray Bottle

An aerosol-free spray bottle with premium Flairosol® airless technology that creates a continuous, prolonged fine mist to rehydrate hair.

ILIA Makeup

One of my favorite clean beauty lines!

Here are some other videos on how I style my curly hair

Curly to Sleek- Using the Dyson Supersonic Dryer

The Bowl Method and Plopping

Fast Air Dried Hair with a Heat Lamp