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Toss the T-Shirt! You Deserve Some Comfy and Pretty Sleepwear!


Toss the T-Shirt! You Deserve Some Comfy and Pretty Sleepwear!

A Woman Lying on a White Color Bed Smiling

It occurred to me recently that my sleepwear was looking rather sad and worn out. It was time to look for some dedicated comfy and pretty sleepwear. No more sleeping in oversized T-shirts and leggings, or sweatpants. In other words, I shouldn’t sleep in anything I would wear while working around the house. I have heard that wearing dedicated sleepwear is something one should do to encourage a good night’s sleep; it tells your brain it’s time to wind down for the night.

Where to Shop?

I pondered. I wanted comfortable, affordable, and pretty sleepwear. Even better if made of cotton. Then it came to me, MARKS AND SPENCER! I knew they would have comfy and pretty Sleepwear.

I know my friends from the US may be unfamiliar with this brand, but those from the UK will know them as the purveyor of sensible well-made clothing. 

Most British women have had their underwear (or knickers) blessed by Saint Micheal at some point in their lives. The St. Micheal trademark was started in 1925. It was discontinued in 2000 due to re-branding, but recently had just begun to be used as a brand again.

I always used to feel much better going about my day, knowing that St Micheal was keeping my nether regions safe and sound!

But I digress; I apologize. 

Let’s Get Back to Sleepwear

I wondered if Marks and Spencer shipped to the USA and discovered indeed they do!

I bought a lovely cozy terrycloth robe; it’s plush, absorbent, and breathable – just what I was looking for. 

Those fluffy polyester ones that look so cute feel so good to the touch? * Well, for anyone experiencing hot flashes – they can be a nightmare. They don’t breathe, and for that matter, they don’t absorb well after the shower. This bathrobe looked better when it arrived than on the M&S website.

In my quest for comfy and pretty sleepwear I found a lovely simple cotton-blend nightie. It had a little lace detail at the neckline, which was a pretty touch. I found it very comfortable to sleep in. Another winner!

They offered a pack of two Henley-style sleep shirts for $26. I snapped those up, and also purchased some super soft pajama bottoms. I’m tempted to wear them around the house during the day, but I have vowed to wear them for bed only.

I was worried about the cost of shipping – is it worth the cost of shipping from the UK? No need to fret, surprisingly, the shipping was free because my order was over $120! And, my goodies came in 4 days. Yay!

Oh, and I decided to stock up with plain white cotton panties (knickers!) for old times’ sake!

Available in bikini or granny-panty style – I’m not telling which ones I chose!

How do you snooze – Fancy nightgowns, T-shirts, or birthday suits?

Feel free to share your Marks and Spencer experience in the comments!

*So many polyester robes these days are made from recycled plastic. Good for getting rid of plastic waste. But, these clothes take decades to disintegrate in landfills. That’s a whole different conversation.

My Makeup

Kerry-Lou Makeup Brushes– A brush set that is lovingly designed by me based on the most useful brushes that I have used for over 4 decades as a professional makeup artist.
Age Perfect Radiant Serum Foundation~ Cream Beige
True Skin Serum Concealer~ Yucca
Color Block Lipstick~ Wild Rose
Illuminator~ Pearl
Essential Brow Gel~ Blonde
Limitless Lash Mascara~ After Midnight
Trestique Eyeliner~ Swiss Chocolate
Shadow Crayon~ Curacao Pecan
Cloud Paint~ Storm

My Hair

Wash & Scrub Pro-Biotic Shampoo
Post-Biotic Calming Conditioner
Multi-Tasking Conditioner
Weightless Air Dry Cream
Curl Defining Styling Soufflé

What I’m Wearing

Slippers from Allbirds
Robe from Marks and Spencers
Henley Tops from Marks and Spencers
Pants from Marks and Spencers
Nightie from Marks and Spencers
Knickers from Marks and Spencers

My Guest Room

Yellow Decorative Pillow from Pottery Barn– no longer available similar ones here
Quilt and Shams from Pottery Barn
Linen Sheets from West Elm
Vase and Flowers from Amazon
Books from Wayfair
Area Rug from Pottery Barn
Side Table- no longer available similar one here from Ashley Furniture

More Comfy and Pretty Sleepwear

Satin Cami and Short Set
Fleece Pajama Set
Flannel Pajama Set
Thermal Pajama Set
Satin Pajama Set
Tee Shirt and Short Set
Long Sleeve Shirt and Short Set
Short Sleeve Nightshirt

Some of the above links are affiliate links.  If you choose to purchase using these links I do receive a small commission that helps defray the cost of making these videos  – thank you for your support xox