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Time to Glow-up – Rethinking special occasion makeup for mature women!


Time to Glow-up – Rethinking special occasion makeup for mature women!

Kerry-Lou with Classic Make-up

Have you found that you got to a certain age, your old makeup tricks just aren’t working for you anymore? For instance, perhaps when you were younger you would use a liquid liner for going out. Now the eyelids aren’t as smooth as they once were – so this eyeliner no longer looks that great. Perhaps a foundation that you’ve used for years is now settling into fine lines, and actually accentuating them.

As we age, our coloring tends to fade, our skin starts to thin out, and – well the list goes on! Makeup that was great for us in the past can look overwhelming, and sometimes – too harsh. Many people can’t take too much eye makeup as they age, I know MY eyes do tend to get irritated easier these days.

In this video, I demonstrate one of my favorite red carpet makeup looks. It’s a fresh, vibrant look that works great for a date night, a special occasion, or anytime you want to look the best version of yourself.

Special occasion makeup!

Great skincare before makeup is a must!

These days I strive to achieve is a look that is skincentric – which to me means that FIRST and foremost we take care of our skin – so a good SKINCARE routine is a must. SECOND we apply makeup that shows off, and continues to care for our skin while wearing it. Gone are the days of foundation that looks and feels like a mask! In this video I review Covergirl’s new foundation for 2024 – Simply Ageless Skin Perfector Essence. Which many makeup artists say is a dupe for Chanel Les Bieges WaterFresh Tint both feel more like skincare than foundation, and have ingredients usually only found in skincare, such as 0.5% Bakuchol. Bakachol is a gentle, natural retinol alternative.

Prep skin before makeup application!

One big change that has happened since I first became a makeup artist 45 years ago – is that these days makeup artists will often give a mini facial before applying makeup, perhaps they give the skin a quick massage with serum and moisturiser, or apply under eye patches.

Many professional makeup artists will use a microcurrent device BEFORE applying makeup on a client for a special event, because it has such an immediate “waking up” effect on the skin,  and great skin requires less makeup.

My choice of microcurrent device is the ZIIP HALO, which uses micro current, as well as nano current for long lasting benefits. I like to follow along with one of their guided facials that are available on their smartphone app.

Ziip facial before a night out for an added lift and glow!

Ziip have added a NEW GUIDED LIP TREATMENT to their smartphone app –  This one is just what I need, it targets the lips, and the surrounding skin soft microcurrents boost circulation, increasing volume, and minimize fine lines.

Finish with the perfect red lip!

A crisp, and vibrant red lip is the finishing touch for this elegant makeup look. I used MAC lip liner in REDD, and the iconic MAC lipstick in Russian Red – a must have in any professional makeup artists kit!

Let’s rethink special occasion makeup for mature women!