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My “No Makeup” Makeup Look – Using Drugstore Brands!


My “No Makeup” Makeup Look – Using Drugstore Brands!

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What is a NO MAKEUP LOOK?  To me, it’s you on your best day – edited skin, as opposed to totally covered-up skin – radiant, healthy, dewy, and refreshed.  Pro-agers everywhere will love this makeup style; it’s great for any age, and definitely for people over fifty.

When I was 15 years old, I wore WAY too much makeup, I wore thick foundation, about two pairs of fake lashes at one time, and my eyeliner was painted on like a drag queen.  And Do you know what?   It actually made me feel better,  and more able to go out into the world.   In one way that’s sad, but in another way that mask helped me at the time.

It’s kind of ironic that at that time in my life, when, of course, my skin was young and bouncy and beautiful, I felt the need to wear all that makeup; It was my defense to the world.

now I’m 65 years old, and very often I feel completely confident going out without any makeup –  but  If I am to be honest, I do feel better wearing a LITTLE makeup, and thank goodness There are makeup companies that are catering to these needs now.  We don’t want to wear makeup caked on like a mask!

I do find also that women my age are realizing that you cannot hide, or cover wrinkles.  Rather than apply traditional foundation, I like to edit my skin, which means starting with a wash of color, Such as L’Oreal True Match Serum Foundation, and then, with a perfectly matching thicker concealer; I love NYX Bare with me Concealer Serum – cover any blemishes, painters call this method fat over lean.

For a no-makeup look, be more excepting of your PERCIEVED flaws.

I have a couple of light sunspots on my face, and I have found I’m getting more and more comfortable not covering them up completely.

So hopefully this makeup look will help us to love our faces!

Here is a list of budget, drug store makeup, (that’s kind to mature skin!) that I used in this video:

Milani Supercharged Brightening Undereye Tint – pink

Wonder Stick by NYX

ELF Luminous Putty Blush

ELF High Definition Powder

Eyebrow definition Nyx Fluff n Fill

Colourpop eye shadow palette – Stone Cold Fox

Milani Lip Liner

Colourpop So Juicy Plumping Gloss