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My “No Makeup” Makeup Look – Using Drugstore Brands!

No Makeup Makeup Tutorial Video Thumbnail

What is a NO MAKEUP LOOK?  To me, it’s you on your best day – edited skin, as opposed to totally covered-up skin – radiant, healthy, dewy, and refreshed.  Pro-agers everywhere will love this makeup style; it’s great for any age, and definitely for people over fifty. When I was 15 years old, I wore …

Drugstore Makeup for Older Women ~ Autumn/Winter

A woman with grey hair.

This is a #budgetfriendlymakeup​ tutorial inspired by the beautiful colors of the autumn/winter seasons. All of these (mostly) ​ brands used are budget friendly, and many of them are made specifically for #matureskin​. L’Oreal Age Perfect Serum foundation ~​ L’Oreal Age Perfect Concealer ~​ L’Oreal Age Perfect Blush ~​ L’Oreal Age Perfect …

Real Makeup/Real Women ~ Kathleen

Kerry-Lou does makeup on real women

I am so excited to bring you the first in a new series of #makeuptutorials​ – Real Makeup/Real Women! I will be giving a tutorial using a different #womanover50​ in each episode. There are only so many looks I can teach using my own face, after all! Meet Kathleen, she is 67 years old, and …

Glamorous Makeup for Mature Women – Full face tutorial

A collage of a woman with a white hair.

This is a wonderfully close-up and detailed makeup tutorial on how to do your makeup for a special occasion, such as mother-of-the-bride, a night on the town, or anytime you want to feel fabulous! This video is paced so that you can do your makeup along with me – let’s get ready together! There are …

Flattering Makeup Colors for Grey Hair

A woman with grey hair and purple lipstick.

This is a makeup look using some of my favorite color palettes – shades of Plum, violet, and pink. I use these colors because I find they work very well with my silver/grey hair, but they also work well with other hair colors, especially brunettes. Xox

Natural Make-Up Tutorial for Mature Women

A woman with white hair.

In this is a quick, easy to follow tutorial, NYC makeup artist Kerry-Lou demonstrates some techniques that create a natural, radiant look for mature women. In this tutorial, Kerry-Lou shows how to blend earthy colored matte eyeshadows for a modern, smokey look. This technique really opens up hooded eyes. Some products used include: Makeup brushes …