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MY BREAK-UP – With My Black Turtleneck Sweater!


MY BREAK-UP – With My Black Turtleneck Sweater!

Kerry-Lou's Turtleneck Drama - Dealing With a Mature Jawline

Can Turtlenecks Compliment a Mature Jawline? Watch the video below to find out!

Reevaluating My Relationship with the Turtleneck Sweater

Can Turtlenecks Compliment a Mature Jawline?

When I think of the turtleneck sweater, or polo neck if you’re from the UK, the first image that comes to mind is Audrey Hepburn in the movie Funny Face. She looked so chic dancing in her turtleneck and black slim fitting pants.


The black turtleneck used to be my go-to cozy and chic layer for winter.

So what changed?

Well, simply put, my jawline is what’s changed. As I’ve gotten older my jawline has softened over the years. As a result, I felt that the turtleneck wasn’t the most flattering neckline anymore. Can turtlenecks compliment a mature jawline?

It’s all about contrast.

Because I have fair skin, a turtleneck that’s a dark shade shows off every detail of my mature jawline, so I started to feel insecure that one of my favorite wardrobe pieces was no longer suiting me.

If you have darker skin it will be the opposite for you. A light shade turtleneck will make your jawline stand out, but a black turtleneck may still work for you even if your jawline isn’t what it used to be.

So you have some options…

Firstly, you could do nothing. If you LOVE your black turtleneck then wear it! Your confidence will overshadow a mature jawline any day!

Secondly, you could try wearing a sweater that isn’t such a strong contrast with your skin tone. For example, a grey turtleneck. Grey is a similar shade to my skin tone therefore, it’s not such a stark contrast compared with the black sweater.

BUT WAIT. Another option is to stop everything and realize that the grey sweater looks terrible!


I originally started making a post that was supposed to argue that my black turtleneck was no longer flattering for me, and as a result I shouldn’t wear it any more. Whenever I tried on a turtleneck at the store, all I kept focusing on was my wobbly jowls. I also read somewhere that black turtlenecks were not flattering for older women.

After that, I started making a video and this post. It wasn’t until I finished reviewing my video footage that realized that the black turtleneck actually looked quite good! As a result, I was going to throw the rubbish video away never to see the light of day. I thought the whole idea was a mistake.

But then, I thought, maybe there’s a lesson to be learned here.

Lesson Learned

Are there other things that technically shouldn’t work for us, but perhaps we should give them a try anyway? Does the happy feeling of the sweater, over-ride the rules? 

To sum it up, If it makes you happy just wear it! I realized how silly it is to concentrate on my flaws instead of the whole picture.

The black turtle neck has always been the symbol of the rule-breaker, the artist, the trail-blazer!

In the meantime, I’m going to flip this whole thing around and wear the heck out of my turtleneck!

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Ralph Lauren Black or Grey Turtleneck Sweater
Leather Beret – Eugena Kim
Pink Coat – JCrew
Blue Silky Vest
Grey and White Stripe Wool Vest from Stitchfix
Black and White Legging Pants from Stitchfix
Black and Gold outfit – No longer available
Black and White Check Blazer
Leather Jacket- no longer available but, here is a similar one.
Bold Red Lip Color – Wunder2

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