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Fashion Tips and Inspiration with Kerry-Lou and Mary Marino!


Fashion Tips and Inspiration with Kerry-Lou and Mary Marino!

Kerry-Lou Henson and Mary Marino

Lets talk fashion tips and inspiration with fashion designer, Mary Marino. I love having inspirational and fun people on my channel! After a career in the corporate fashion world, and now in her 60’s, Mary has launched her own fun and unique fashion brand.

I hope you enjoy meeting her and that you pick up some good fashion tips from our interview below:

About Mary Marino Designs

Tell us about the Literary Denim Jackets

I started with quotes I liked from books or musicians. I would then hand embroider the quotes and apply them to the jackets.

My first design was a quote from John Lennon, “Peace is not something you wish for; It’s something you make, Something you do, Something you are, And something you give away”

What about the Maverick Camo Jacket?

This is a long oversized camo jacket. You can wear it with jeans or skirts or dresses, throw it on and you’ll instantly cool. Treat camo like a neutral, it matches with everything.

Batik Limited Edition Print Skirts

All of these skirts are made from small batch fabric. They’re designed for maximum movement and fun! Great alternative for ho-hum shorts or jeans. Wear with sneakers, flip flops, or booties and your favorite t-skirt, tank, or sweater.

What about using the fabric scraps?

You’ve made some pieces out of scraps that otherwise would have been taken to a landfill, tell us about those!

I use all scraps, nothing goes to waste. I’ve used scraps to make collars, scarves, and jewlery bags. I’ve even made a skirt out of the scraps. I usually make these scrap pieces while sitting on the couch watching TV with my husband- the skirt took me about a month to finish.

Tell us about following your dreams after 60!

I have a fear of boredom and need something to get me up in the morning. I love doing this work and the best part is it doesn’t feel like work, I encourage anyone to follow their hearts and dreams and passions.

Fashion Tips

Do a Closet Cleanse

find a friend whose opinion you trust and whose style you admire. Make a donate pile for items that no longer fit or items you haven’t worn in years. Keep the things you LOVE and build your wardrobe from there.

Update Your Closet

Make sure you have some wardrobe stapes that go with everything. For example, a denim jacket that you can dress up and dress down. I’d also suggest a fabulous skirt that you can wear with a tee shirt or sweater. Pair with some fashion sneakers, colorful shoes, or sandals.

Wear Comfy Flat Stylish Shoes

There are so many fashion sneakers out there they’re. Comfort and fashion can go hand in hand. Not all sneakers look athletic. Some of my favorite sneakers are not very expensive either. They can be worn with dresses, skirts or jeans. They’re not just for the gym.

Some of my favorite sneakers are:


Wear Jewelry

Jewelry is an easy and mostly inexpensive way to add color to any outfit.

Shop Responsibly

Before you buy something, ask yourself if you’re going to wear it at least 30 times. If yes go for it. If not, try going to the thrift store, vintage shops, or use Rent the Runway if you need something for a special event. I would also suggest to go for quality over quantity. Buy less wear more.

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