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HOW TO TIE A SARONG – Kerry-Lou takes it to the beach!


HOW TO TIE A SARONG – Kerry-Lou takes it to the beach!

how to tie a sarong

The sarong – elevated! It seems like such a simple thing to do – to tie a sarong, but here are a few quick tips to neatly size the sarong to your height, and tie your sarong in a way that flows very elegantly!

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Today I’m going to show you some different ways to tie a sarong.

The Wrong Way:

The wrong way to tie a sarong is to take two corners and tie a knot. I’m not a fan, it’s bulky, shapeless, and too long.

The Right Way:

As a skirt: First, fold a section from the top to make it shorter so you don’t trip over it. You can fold this in or out. Then, start tying the knot about 15 inches from the edge of the corner. This creates a more elegant and shapely look.

As a Coverup: Start by twisting one corner of the sarong, this is going to make these sections thinner and easier to tie. Then, do the other corner. Tie the sections in the front behind your back.

There you go, two ways to wear a sarong!

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