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Mature Eyebrows – How to Tint, Tweeze, and Shape


Mature Eyebrows – How to Tint, Tweeze, and Shape

A woman with grey hair and different facial expressions.

In this eyebrow tutorial, I demonstrate how I tint, tweeze, and shape my #greyeyebrows​.

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In the first step, I tint the silver in my eyebrows. If this step doesn’t apply to you, you can fast forward to step 2 – trimming and tweezing.

Step 3 describes how to fill in and shape your brows using eye shadow, or a powder brow product.
I use Just for Men Moustache and Beard Formula to dye the grey hairs in my eyebrows – Please be aware that this product is not intended for eyebrows, and there is a warning on the package that states not to use near the eyes. However, I have used this method for the last fifteen years, for tinting my eyebrows. Read the directions and warning labels before using. If you do not feel comfortable using this on your eyebrows – don’t. I am just showing how I personally use it. You can always go to your hairstylist to get your eyebrows dyed. And definitely DO NOT use it on your eyelashes! Contact with your eyes can damage your vision.

Just For Men Moustache and Beard Formula –
Tweezerman eyebrow tweezer –
Disposable mascara wands –
Clear eyebrow mascara Maybeline –
Clear eyebrow mascara Bobbi Brown –…
Unfortunately the eyebrow shadow I used is discontinued, HOWEVER here’s a great alternative – Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow in “Cement”…
Brushes are from my signature line of makeup brushes –​ Promo code GLAMOUR 30% off!
The lip color I am wearing is by L’Oreal in “Beautiful Rosewood”
Lip liner is L’Oreal Age Perfect Lip Liner in “Nude Pink”

Feel free to use the links above – or not. I do earn a commission from affiliate links, which do not get added on to the consumers cost. This money helps defray the cost of making these videos, thank you!

FTC: This video is unsponsored.