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My “No Makeup” Makeup Look – Using Drugstore Brands!

No Makeup Makeup Tutorial Video Thumbnail

What is a NO MAKEUP LOOK?  To me, it’s you on your best day – edited skin, as opposed to totally covered-up skin – radiant, healthy, dewy, and refreshed.  Pro-agers everywhere will love this makeup style; it’s great for any age, and definitely for people over fifty. When I was 15 years old, I wore …

Mother of the Groom! Makeup, Hair – What to Wear?

Elizabeth and James in Wedding Outfits Posing

Is it my imagination, or are there LOT’S more weddings going on?I’m so glad that wedding’s are back – I missed them! Now that most of us are vaccinated for Covid-19, we feel a lot safer planning a special get-together. I’m so happy that my son James and his lovely bride Elizabeth were able to …