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How to Cover and Define Grey Eyebrows


How to Cover and Define Grey Eyebrows

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, are the eyebrows the window treatments?

Eyebrow grooming is such a quick and easy way to create a more polished and “put-together”  look, and for mature women who have wondered how to cover grey eyebrows, I have made a few YouTube videos on how to do just that. 

In my latest video, I demonstrate how I use two products from Kosas Beauty to temporarily cover my gray eyebrows, (I have “salt and pepper” eyebrows).

First, I even out the shape with the Kosas Brow Pop Dual Action Defining Pencil in Grey.  Unlike other grey eyebrow pencils that I’ve tried, this one is a true medium shade of gray, whereas others I’ve tried are more like a soft black which looks too harsh on older light-skinned women like myself – darker complexions can handle a darker-colored eyebrow pencil.

Next, I brush through my eyebrows with Kosas Airbrow in Taupe – they do have a grey, but it looks too dark on their website.  This formula helps softly cover and blend in the greys while giving shape and fullness to the brows.  (The formula contains little fibers which help thicken up the brows).

Please check out the video for more eyebrow tips!